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Nicholas Senn High School

Mr. Ahmad Gaghamin
My Name is: Ahmed Gaghamin , I am a Computer Science teacher of 10 years plus and I have a passion and love for doing what I do. In the past, I have been offered various higher paying jobs to work in corporate America; however, I have always known my passion to lie in building the future of tomorrow by enhancing its future doctors, lawyers, and even future teachers. I find teaching the most remarkable and rewarding job in the world. Knowing that I add to the lives of students even on a small level, gives me an indescribable satisfaction.
The most challenging aspect of teaching at any level is finding a way to reach each student individually in one class session. It is to ensure that my students have really benefited and attained the desired concepts. I have to humbly admit that this is my strength as a teacher. My many years of experience have taught me that today's youth need to see the relevance in what they are learning before they will show interest. If they cannot see how the lesson will apply to them personally, the lesson is meaningless and many of them will not even pay attention. Students also tend to perform so much better when they know that the teacher they have is genuine and really cares for them. Unlike students of old, today's youth must receive respect in order to give it. In my ten years of experience I do not recall having any students that didn't thoroughly enjoy my classes or feel that the environment created was safe enough for them to take educational risks and participate to their fullest.
I have always contributed greatly to every institution in which I have worked for from curriculum development to volunteer work in extracurricular activities and would hope that I have a chance to prove my talents and show my passions at your institution.