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Nicholas Senn High School

Ms. Julie Johnson
2018-2019 Back-to-School Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I'm so excited to return to school this year and I hope your family is too! Teaching your sons, daughters, and loved ones is a very gratifying experience, and it's an honor each day. I invite them to be involved in the process of their learning to help decide on activities, types of instruction, resources, and a range of assessments within the curriculum, all of which will keep them engaged and challenged.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in secondary education in English and French from Western Illinois University in 1995. I studied at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and received a Master of Arts in Reading in 2005. I also completed graduate work in Chicago in special education earning an LBS 1 (Learning Behavior Specialist) credential, and more recently have been studying in the field of linguistics to meet the needs of students whose first language is not English. I've been teaching with Chicago Public Schools since 2000.

This year I am co-teaching two classes of 11th grade British Literature and one class of 10th grade American Literature. In addition, I am teaching one diverse learner class of 10th grade American Literature and one diverse learner class of Language and Literacy. My passion is teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening because we all have a need to communicate! My desire is to be a partner with parents and guardians in order to provide quality education and opportunity for all students.

Ms. Julie Johnson