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Nicholas Senn High School

Mr. Benjamin Bateman
BS: Indiana University (Secondary Education: Social Studies)
MA: DePaul University (Media and Cinema Studies)

Classroom Policies

Attendance Policy: It is extremely important that students are in class. Any student that arrives to class after the bell rings (see bell schedule) will be considered late. Tardies will negatively impact a students participation grade. If a student is tardy, their work will also be considered late.

Late work:  Any work not turned in before the bell rings, unless otherwise stated, will be considered late. Per the Senn policy this work will be docked one letter grade. Students will be allowed one day to turn in late work. Work that is late beyond one day will not be accepted.

Absence Policy:
Student must bring a note to excuse their absence. If absence is excused, then the student will have a day to complete the work that was missed. Generally all information can be found on this site. See test make-up for policy on making up a missed assessment. If absence in not excused work will be late.

Test Make-up: Period 3, 7, 8, & after school. Students must communicate (email or in person) with me what time works best to make-up the missed assessment. The onus is on the student to make-up the work.

Participation: Participation and In-class work will account for 30% of the students grade.
Participation includes attendance, conduct, involvement, & effort. Each day students will receive 3 points for participation. If students are tardy, disruptive, not prepared for class, not wearing their ID, not following the Senn Dress Code Policy, etc they will lose a point for each infraction. Participation is designed to create an environment conducive to learning.