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Funds Of Knowledge
Hello Parents,
No PAC Meeting this Wednesday.
The Parent Advisory Council will be in touch soon. We are launching an exciting guest speaker series to meet our PAC goals. Topics include, “Teen Brains in the Digital Age”, and “Secret Tips for Positive Communication with Teenagers”. Stay tuned.

For now, continue to visit our Funds of Knowledge Video series located on the left of your screen focusing on Career Interviews!

If you have a 5 minute (maximum) video of a different career you'd like to contribute to our series, send your video attached in an email to assistant principal Anthony Escamilla at aescamilla1@cps.edu

Please do not forget to take advantage of other Parent Opportunities found on our PAC Calendar!


Welcome to Senn high school's Funds of Knowledge page. Here you we will be introduced to the idea of Funds of Knowledge and directed to access these funds by way of the Video & Audio link in the menu on the left-hand side.

The idea of Funds of Knowledge is that people can learn and should consider the their immediate community, especially their own families, as resources in their life-long learning process. The purpose of this portion of our website is to leverage our parents and/or guardians to serve as these resources, these Funds of Knowledge, for our students.

This section of our PARENTS tab is designed to showcase video ideas recorded and produced by parents and/or guardians to provide our Senn students with Funds of Knowledge that will make their high school experience a more well-rounded one.

Senn high school wants to thank all parents and guardians involved in making this possible (especially parents and guardians from our Parent Advisory Council) and for those that will continue to add to these Funds of Knowledge. There will be a variety of videos provided, ranging from informing students about careers to invaluable life experiences.

View and enjoy!