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Nicholas Senn High School

BAC/PAC Information
Our Parent Advisory Council is made up by parents and guardians with common interests. Their desire is to maintain an active parent community and help launch a parent culture that impacts our students' education, as well as help inspire a positive school culture. This parent group aims to meet regularly to plan and host actions/activities to achieve the goals they have created.

Goals: Overarching goal is to increase student academic achievement through parental involvement. Our specific PAC goals are:

1.Increase parent understanding of Senn programs and curriculum using opportunities developed with school leaders.

2.Create programs that expose parents and students to various colleges and career paths.

3.Improve the communication systems between Senn parents, including signage, translations, email, text messaging, website and telephone.

4.Develop opportunities for parent education in basic computer skills, including online navigation of sites or applications beneficial to student achievement.