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Nicholas Senn High School

Ms. Wendy Boatman

Hello Bulldog Community!  

Who am I?
I am Wendy Boatman, school counselor for last names Hi through M.  This page will provide my general information and why I love my career.

When can you see me?
I am a late start counselor beginning my day 2nd period, 8:45 am, and ending 9th period, 4:00 pm.  Students can see me during their lunch period or after school.  I am available before school by appointment.

How can you contact me?
My email contact is wmboatman@cps.edu.  I answer email several times a day.  My office phone is 773.534.2867.  I listen to my messages once a day, in the am, and return calls in 24 to 48 hours. 

Why am I a school counselor?
Life is full of transitions.  I feel that high school is full of important transitions that form the focus of an individual's future life.  I help my students navigate the ins/outs of high school --academics, social issues, and career paths-- while maintaining balance with their own desires and those of their family/friends.