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Nicholas Senn High School

Mr. Robert Spurlin
Robert Spurlin respurlin@cps.edu

Course Description: Physical education 1 will train students to be responsible adults of ethical moral character through team sports and classroom activities. Students require one semester of classroom health instruction covering topics: relationships, mental/physical health, peer pressure/bullying, reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases and coping skills/suicide. Students will demonstrate knowledge by completing a research paper related to nutrition and an authentic assessment of life saving practiced on a CPR mannequin. Second semester includes activities and team sports such as fitness, weight training, swimming, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, badminton and soccer.
Prerequisites: Good academic and disciplinary standing.
Methods of Instruction: Guest speakers, class discussion, performance based activities with rubrics for evaluation.
Expected Outcomes: Students will improve fitness level, coordination and overall body strength. Students will develop or improve leadership skills through sportsmanship displayed in team sports and activities. Students will develop best practices for lifelong learning of decision making, personal hygiene, nutrition and current teen health issues.
Learning Strategies: Cooperative learning, bell ringers, vocabulary infusion and note taking
Evaluation: 30% Classwork
30% Projects
30% Test
10% Homework
Required Text/Materials: Note book, note cards, Lifetime Health text book and Magnetic Way Life System,.
Additional course information: Students are required to purchase a Senn High School gym uniform swim suit and combination lock for their gymnasium locker room locker.
Attendance Policy: Per CPS attendance policy, “Students who have unexcused absences in 20%(18) days of the classes shall not pass the class and receive no credit toward promotion”.