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Nicholas Senn High School

Mr. Todd Pytel
Todd has taught at Senn since 2000 and serves as the Mathematics Department Chair. He was raised just outside Chicago in Park Ridge, graduating from Maine South High School. He attended St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland and studied Philosophy, History of Mathematics and Science, and Classics before continuing education training at the University of Chicago. He earned National Board certification in 2006 and has facilitated mathematics professional development in Senn's network of schools since 2014.

Todd's favorite number is e, his favorite graph is the tractrix, and his favorite figure is Gabriel's Horn. He also has a collection of slide rules and sponsors Senn's Math Team.

Outside of teaching, Todd is an avid gamer, a camping and hiking enthusiast, and a devoted jazz listener and cinema buff. He and his wife have twins who have somehow made it to sixth grade already. His two cats (Phoebe and Mr. Pink) exert undue influence over his life.

If you're one of my seniors, you probably want to click the link to Math SL 2018-2019 on your left instead of reading about me. But hey... whatever works for you. If you're somebody else who would like to contact me, you can email me at tppytel@cps.edu or just use the Email link at the left.