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Nicholas Senn High School


Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

Senn is always looking to give our students the edge for a successful post-secondary transition.  Colleges, major universities, and scholarship organizations are looking at the substance and work ethic that comprise a successful college student.  

  • Did you know your Attendance is a permanent fixture on your academic transcripts?
  • Did you know colleges, universities, scholarship organizations, and/or employers not only look for a high attendance rate, but also for you to maintain that high rate with consistency? Remember you are looked upon as an investment to many of these groups and they are more likely to invest in you if you can show them proof of a consistently high attendance rate!
For years now, research has proven that a high attendance rate leads to a higher GPA, better results on standardized exams, and overall better problems solving skills.

Also, these are all strong predictors to post-secondary success.  We not only want to give our Senn students this edge as scholars, but also we would like to give them the edge with post-secondary options and ways to pay for these options.  

That is why our goal for all students is to attain a rate of:


What can you do to help maximize your student’s attendance?
  • Schedule all appointments (medical, dental, etc…) for the weekend or during non-instruction time.  Do your best in avoiding early dismissals.
  • Access your student’s progress on Parent or Student Portal and have a conversation about academic goals with a focus on attendance and class grades.
  • If and when you are available, walk with or drive your son or daughter to school.
  • Make sure they are going to bed at a reasonable time, that they do not take their electronic devices to bed, and that they wake up early enough for good breakfast.
  • Also, please remember that valid causes for an EXCUSED absence are:

    • Student illness
    • Observation of a religious holiday
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Family emergency
    • Circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the parent/guardian for the student’s safety or health as approved by the principal
    • Other situations beyond the control of the student as determined by the principal