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Nicholas Senn High School

World Languages
The World Languages Department offers courses in French, Spanish, and Spanish for Spanish-speakers.

Languages are taught as both foreign languages and as native languages. In both cases the course work addresses the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The curriculum offers classes at the regular, honors and advanced placement levels.

The French and Spanish for non-native speakers courses develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students are introduced to the French and Hispanic cultures, respectively, through both contemporary and cultural readings. Students refine their conversation and composition skills by writing and discussing papers on a broad range of topics and exploring cultural differences and similarities.

The Spanish for Spanish-speakers courses emphasize reading at various levels through all genres of literature. Students explore the history, culture, and geography of the Spanish-speaking world, including the Hispanic population in the United States.

The advanced placement (AP) Spanish Language course focuses on Spanish composition and conversation at the college level through advanced readings, grammar, and composition studies.

Both AP courses prepare students for the advanced placement exam given every spring. May 2005 marked the fourth year that Senn's AP Spanish Language students had outstanding results. 90% of the students scored 5, the highest possible score on the examination.