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Nicholas Senn High School

Diverse Learners
The Special Education Department at Senn encourages its students to perform to their potential. Specially-trained teachers use individualized teaching styles and programs to help students develop skills in all areas while studying the general high school curriculum.

The instructional program is for students who need to be in a smaller class setting. In this program, students follow the regular curriculum but at a grade level they can understand and with assignments they can reasonably complete. Teachers modify assignments and adapt their teaching style to accommodate the special needs of each student so that students will be successful in their efforts. Each student?s program is designed in accordance with his Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

The inclusion program is geared towards integrating students into the regular classroom setting. These students attend classes in the general program of instruction. They receive individual attention and modified instruction from both the general program of instruction teacher and the inclusion (special education) teacher who co-teach the classes.

The consultation program is for students who are enrolled in all general program of instruction classes. A special education teacher confers with instructors and the student on a regular basis to determine student progress. The special education teacher also acts as mentor, facilitator, and advisor as needed.