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Nicholas Senn High School

Social Studies

Department Value Statement


Students will become active, knowledgeable, and curious members of the communities they live in affording them the means to engage in academic discourse and develop empathy as they become open-minded with a sense of humility.


Department Overview


The social studies curriculum at Senn High School allows students to better understand the people, ideas, and forces that have shaped society. It looks at how people and ideas affect an increasingly interdependent global world. By looking back on achievements, shortcomings, significant events, and conflicts throughout history and by analyzing current developments, students will gain a greater appreciation for their place in a culturally diverse society that continually strives toward democratic ideals.


Understanding history empowers individuals to claim their rights. It helps them balance their own interests with those of the community and participate effectively within their system of government.


The instructional focus of the Social Studies department provides a bridge which enables students to make real-world connections to local, national, and international events.


The social studies course offerings include required courses in the 9th and 10th grade. The 11th and 12th grade afford students more of an opportunity to explore their personal interests. (For a full continuum of courses see attached document)

  • 9th Grade: MYP World Studies (Reg/Hon)
  • 10th Grade: MYP United States History (Reg/Hon/AP)
  • 11th Grade: Contemporary American History (Reg/Hon), IB History Year 1, IB Global Politics Year 1
  • 12th Grade: Global Issues, History of Chicago (Reg, Hon), AP Psychology, IB History Year 2, IB Global Politics Year 2