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Nicholas Senn High School

The science teachers at Senn believe that science is both a human endeavor and a lens with which to understand the natural universe. We want students to think critically about the cross-cutting concepts that govern the function of matter at scales as small as the atom to as large as the universe.

Within science classes, students will appreciate and apply the practice of scientific inquiry, exploring how our universe works through logic and evidence to fulfill our innate human curiosity. They will use data and information to properly apply their knowledge of scientific inquiry to their everyday experiences. As they progress through four years of science Senn students will be sustainable individuals, getting along with others they don't see eye to eye with, and considerate of how their actions affect others.

The curriculum includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science, IB Biology, IB Physics, and IB Exercise Science. Students take these courses in sequence, each building on the ones before it. Freshmen begin with biology and sophomores build on that with chemistry. During their junior and senior year, students have a range of options including IB diploma or certificate classes as well as a regular elective course.