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Nicholas Senn High School

Physical Education
The Senn Physical Education Department encourages and cultivates a lifelong interest in recreational sports to maintain a physically fit and healthy lifestyle.

Both Physical Education I and Physical Education II are required courses for graduation.

In the first course students learn about general health issues including Family Life/Sex Education and First Aid. The department promotes a healthy lifestyle and discusses health concerns relevant to daily life. In addition, students learn how to conduct themselves in emergency situations and possibly how to save lives.

Driver Education and Drug Education are the focus of the second course. Students learn safe driving habits in preparation for their driver's license test. Instructors also build on earlier lessons by explaining the effects of drugs and helping foster values, skills, and knowledge that lead to a healthy life.

Senn offers a wide range or sports and activities including basketball, football, flag football, soccer, speedball, bowling, shuffleboard, volleyball, tennis, badminton, gymnastics, rings, swimming, and dance (square, hip-hop, ballroom, swing, break, salsa, and jazz). Interscholastic competition in forty-three sports on three levels is available.