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Nicholas Senn High School

Senn Arts Music

The Senn Arts Music program is the premiere program for the study of contemporary music in the city of Chicago. The goal of Senn Arts Music is to help students become creative problem solvers, and positive agents of change through the power of music. This goal is met by encouraging our student musicians to appreciate the beauty of music, its ability to enrich our lives, and its power to facilitate intercultural understanding. Students enrolled in Senn Arts Music are able to explore music from many perspectives including but not limited to performance, production, engineering, business, and composition.

The Senn Arts Music program offers a selective enrollment program within a neighborhood and IB World School. Our faculty of certified music educators deliver comprehensive, standards-based, and performance-focused instruction to high school vocalists and instrumentalists in the context of a methodically sequenced, four-year curriculum. In 2014, Senn High School was named to the list of CPS Grammy Signature Schools. Upon completion of the Senn Arts Music curriculum, it is our intention that students choosing to study music at the college level will have access to the tools and techniques necessary to prepare an audition. Moreover, school music participation affords students advantages in life beyond high school and fosters attributes sought by employers, such as the ability to function as part of a team, the discipline and determination to see a process through from beginning to end, and the ability to express one’s self creatively.

Markeise Russell, Lead Music Educator