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Nicholas Senn High School

Education to Careers
Chair: Ms. Daisy O'Brien

Phone: (773) 534-2365, ext. 24067

Education-To-Careers' mission is to equip students for successful transitions after high school, whether that be postsecondary education, advanced career training, or viable jobs with a meaningful career path.

The standards-based curriculum and hands-on training integrate academic instruction, industry-recognized technical skills, and trade-specific skills that prepare students to actively participate in the workplace. Instructors prepare students for productive careers in rewarding fields.

Senn's Education-To-Careers Department offers training in two fields.

Automotive Technology students begin their work by studying the basic theory and principles of auto mechanics through hands-on experience. From there, they can go on to solve engineering design problems in competitions such as the Robotic Competition. Senn students have received awards at this annual competition in each of the past three years.

Graphic Design students are exposed to industry-quality software and are instructed by a former advertising professional.