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Nicholas Senn High School

IB Diploma Prep/DP
Data from the May 2011 IB Examination Session shows the Senn IB Diploma Programme:
*Is one of only three CPS Schools to meet the city’s highest standard for the IB Diploma pass rate
*Earned the highest IB History scores in the Chicago Public Schools
*Exceeded the world-wide average score in Visual Arts
*Exceeded the CPS average score in every core subject
*Exceeded the world-wide average score in Higher Level Spanish for the 3rd year in a row
Admissions and scholarships (58 Senn IB grads from 2009 – 2011)
Scholarships awarded*: $2,526,210.00
Average Senn IB Diploma Programme graduate of 2011 was awarded $50,000 in college scholarships
Overall acceptance rate at DePaul for freshman admission is just over 60%; acceptance rate for CPS IB students is 78%
Average GPA of IB grads at DePaul is higher than the university’s overall average GPA (2008)
(*based on scholarships reported - estimated at 59%)